Today is Monday, September 15th, 2003; Karen's Korner #136

For my birthday this year, some friends gave me a gift certificate to a Christian book store. One of the items I chose to purchase with the gift was a little book titled "LETTERS from HEAVEN: Reassuring Words of God's Love" by J. Jay Sanders.


There are 26 pages in this tiny book.......each one centered around a letter of the alphabet. Since it is short, I am going to share a couple of letters with you at a time; maybe once a week for the next few weeks.


I'm your Father and I....

Accept you as

My unique creation.


God created man in

His own image.



We as Christians have

an image for

projection to the world.






I'm your Father a

and I.....

Believe you are precious and valuable


The very hairs on your head

are all numbered.

So, do not fear;

you are more valuable

than many sparrows.

MATTHEW 10:30 - 31




I am the God of the stars.

Lift up thine eyes and see

As far as mortals may

Into eternity!

And stay thy heart on Me.







I'm your Father, and I...

Care about your hurts,

tears, and all that touches you.




Casting all your anxiety on Him,

because He cares for you.





Worry says,

"God is a wimp."


Casting says,

"God is all powerful."