Today is Monday, June 14th, 2010; Karen's Korner #1841

Clarion had a nice celebration this weekend; in spite of some soggy weather. Every year we have our Festival in the Park - a two-day celebration on Saturday and Sunday, the second weekend in June. And every five years for the past twenty years, we have included a Teddy Bear Reunion in the Heartland - a four-day convention of teddy bear artists and collectors from lots of states and countries.
I had the honor of being the Grand Marshal for this year's parade.
To help me celebrate, our daughter Jamie and three grandchildren came up to ride with 'grandma'.
Luke, now six, got to stay overnight a couple of more nights; he goes home this afternoon.
I recall back to another time when he stayed with us. I had a meeting uptown. Grandpa and Luke ate lunch with me at our meeting and then they went home. I was coming an hour or so later.
When I arrived at home, Grandpa had fallen asleep and two-year-old Luke had found a red marker. We had red everywhere: toys, his body, some pillows (which I threw away), some furniture (which I was able to clean off), a new couch cushion from the furniture store (we bought the couch, the furniture store was able to clean off the cushion). Everyone survived....
But now when Grandpa takes Noah, Luke's brother who is now two, home with him for a few minutes;  Luke, yesterday........I find myself wondering, questioning, "Will Noah be okay?" "Luke should be all right, shouldn't he?"
When I have those kinds of times, it seems like God has a response.
Yesterday was one of those times. God seemed to say to me, "Look at all of the things I trust YOU with. I trust you with MY children (lots of them....) and I trust you to take care of MY WORLD..."
Made me stop and think, "How can God trust ME so much?"
Like Jim, I sometimes 'fall asleep on the job'.
Dear Father in Heaven, thank You for the way that You trust me and treat me with so many valuable and wonderful possessions. I am not worthy. Help me! Show me! And help me to trust other people in my world when they are 'left in charge'. Thank You for taking care of all of the things we don't and can't. You are so, so good to each one of us. Amen.