Today is Thursday, June 24th, 2010; Karen's Korner #1849

Ever wonder what is happening to our world?
We have political correctness. One person is offended about something and the rest of the majority has to step aside for their thoughts and rights. Something that has stood the test of time is now said to be 'out of date'. Right is said to be wrong; wrong is said to be right.
Lamentations is a short book of the Old Testament where the writer (Jeremiah), laments the decisions people have made and now they are suffering the consequences of their decisions and actions.
It says in my LIfe Application Bible that the purpose of Jeremiah writing Lamentations was "to teach people that to disobery God is to invite disaster and to show that God suffers when His people suffer."
One verse struck a cord when I read it recently:
"He wove my sins into ropes to hitch me to a yoke of slavery.
He sapped my strength and gave me to my enemies;
I am helpless in their hands."
- Lamentations 1:14
..and then the commentary on this verse:
"At first, sin seems to offer freedom.
But the liberty to do anything we want
gradually becomes a decision to do everything.
Then we become captive to sin.
Freedom from sin's captivity,
comes only from God.
He gives us freedom,
not to do anything we want,
but to do what He knows is best for us.
Strange as it may seem,
true freedom comes in obeying God.
following His guidance so that we can receive
His best!