Today is Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013; Karen's Korner #2602

Today's 'korner' is from Max Lucado and is title the 'language of the liar". Anyone but me relate?
The trick is to not listen to the devil too long......and to recognized when he is trying to deceive us!
"The Language of the Liar"
I was living in Brazil. It had been an especially frustrating day getting my car fixed. As I drove off, two devils perched on my shoulders.  They spoke the language of the Liar. One was anger; the other self-pity!  I rolled down my window when I reached a traffic stop.  I saw a boy, probably nine years old.  Shirtless.  Barefooted.

“What’s your name?” I asked. “Jose,” he answered.  Two other orphans with him were naked except for ragged gym shorts.

“Have you collected much money today?” I asked.  He opened a dirty hand full of coins.  Enough perhaps for a soft drink.  As I pulled out the equivalent of a dollar his eyes brightened and he ran to tell his friends!

God sent Jose to me that day with this message:  “Max, you cry over spilled champagne. You bellyache over frills, not the basics.” Jose gave me a lot for my dollar…he gave me a lesson on gratitude.