Today is Tuesday, July 9th, 2013; Karen's Korner #2607

Last night our church had an evening at our local pizza restaurant where we earned money for an upcoming short-term mission trip, bussing tables for tips and a portion of the gross sales.
One of our volunteers was Arianna, who will be a sixth grader this fall. After attending church camp a week or so ago and talking with our minister and his wife, she chose to be baptized on Sunday.
As she sat eating her supper during one of the lulls early in the work session, she said, "I am looking for more ways to worship and serve after I accepted Jesus as My Lord and Savior."
Arianna is someone who lives a handful of blocks away from the church and is nearly always in church and Sunday School; making the walk regardless whether other family members make the weekly trek or not. Since she is now in middle school, she is 'too old' for either JAM (Jesus And Me) and/or Hiz Kidz, both Christian groups for kids from her past. She still will be in SHINE, a smaller band of girls led by our minister's wife and a friend of mine, which will be expanding to include sixth graders this coming fall.
But she was looking forward with excitement. "This year I am going to join Peer Helpers (middle school group, hosted by her guidance counselor), CHICKS (ecumenical girl group, challenging middle school young women from a Christian perspective) and Bible Bowl team (middle school/high school teams lead by our minister; going to monthly competitions).
Her enthusiasm was contagious to me; my prayer this morning:  God, help me to be more like Arianna. I am looking for more ways to worship and serve You, because I have accepted You as My Lord and Savior. May I, and Arianna too, not lose our excitement at being added to Your Kingdom and 'forever family'. In Jesus' Name. Amen.