Today is Friday, October 4th, 2013; Karen's Korner #2665

Fifth and last installment from the 'travel-style book' written by Dr. David Jeremiah titled "Discover Paradise:  A Guidebook to Heaven, Your True Home".
The small book with lots of colored graphics and fun sub-headings has one section titled "Five Reasons Why Heaven Will Be Exciting":
1.  God is Exciting.
2.  We will be Exciting.
3.  Our Friends will be Exciting.
4.  Our Work will be Exciting.
5.  Heaven will Fulfill Our Longings.
Heaven will Fulfill Our Longings
"For we know that the whole creation groans and labors
with birth pangs together until now."
~ Romans 8:22,23
"What does this mean? Paul was not writing here about unbelievers. He was talking about all of us as Christians, and he was saying that within us there is a hunger, a deep-down desire for something more. Even though we know Jesus and He has come to fulfill the major need in our life, there's still something missing because we haven't been fully redeemed. We have not yet experienced all that God has for us. And God has put within us this longing for something more.
"Ecclesiastes tells us in the third chapter that God has put eternity in our hearts (v. 11). God has built us, as believers, with a space within us that can't be satisfied with anything except eternity, and no matter how many temporal things we try to put in that space, there's still a cavity from which springs our longing and yearning for something more.
"God created all of us with this deep-seated hunger within us for Him and for Heaven; and it can never be fulfilled otherwise. No matter what we try, even as believers, as much as we serve and worship the Lord, our hearts still long for something more. And it's Heaven! Until we get to Heaven, we will never be whole.
"When we get to Heaven, that inner ache is going to go away."