Today is Monday, December 10th, 2018; Karen's Korner #3936

This isn't much of a Christmas message but one that could 'last all year'.

It's a couple of verses from Psalm 72: 1 & 2, written by Solomon, asking God to help his son rule the nation justly and wisely:

"O God, help the king to judge as you would,

and help his son to walk in godliness.

Help him to give justice to your people,

even to the poor."


Bible Commentary: "What qualities do we want most in our rulers? God desires all who rule under him to walk in godliness, and to be just toward the people. As we think of world leaders today, think how the world would change if they would commit themselves to these two qualities. Perhaps we should commit ourselves to pray that they will!"


God, we pray today for ___________ (pick a leader) that he/she might follow You. Help them to look to You for Your wisdom and guidance. They are faced with difficult choices, many on a daily basis. We ask that they seek justice for all people under their rule, including those who follow and worship you and to the poor, who are many times overlooked. Forgive them, and us, when we look the other way rather than seek solutions to real problems and hurting people. Thank You for Your Son Jesus. Amen.