Today is Tuesday, September 24th, 2019; Karen's Korner #4122

(Did you get a Karen's Korner yesterday? Some emailed, they didn't. Let me know. Also there will be no 'korner' tomorrow as I am away from my computer. Have a great one!)

Don't Pet the Peeves

"There is a way the world should be run. And when others behave in ways we don't like, we call that a pet peeve. Not a colossal divide or a legal violation..........just a pet peeve. You know, joy is such a precious commodity. Why squander it on quibble?

"The phrases we use regarding our pet peeves reveal the person who actually suffers. He 'gets under my skin' or 'get on my nerves', or she is such a 'pain in my neck'. Whose skin, nerves, and neck? Ours! Who suffers? We do! Every pet peeve writes a check on our joy account.

"For this reason the apostle Paul said, 'Be patient, bearing with one another in love' (Ephesians 4:2). The patient person sees all the peculiarities of the world. But rather than react, he bears with them. This is how happiness happens."

~ By Max Lucado


(My personal note: Like lots of things, to do this, we will probably have to ask God to help us!)