Today is Friday, September 27th, 2019; Karen's Korner #4124

Today is Friday, September 27. This is the day Jim and I were married in 1959, so this would have been #50!

A good day to celebrate and remember. Jim was a loving, kind and caring man. He took good care of me, Jamie, and Merry! He was a good husband, dad, and friend to many, including me.

I can remember riding around Rochester, Minnesota after Merry was born. Doctors had discovered a birth defect which required surgery. We couldn't be in the unit except certain hours. I recall saying to Jim, "When you say 'I do', you never know what you might have to do together!" He had been diagnosed with a chronic back condition, I had had two difficult (but not impossible pregnancies) and then the medical problems with Merry. I had just turned 28.

We didn't know that ahead were heart problems for Jim needing lots of medical attention; a few more problems for Merry; a fatal car accident for her; and just the rough and tumble things which come into people's lives.

But God is good. He helps us with everything. Day by day. I wouldn't want to try it without Him. In spite of my 'list'. He made everything 'doable'. A heart diagnosis for Jim at 34, but God gave us 40 more years of time together. Some of it with medical work, but many to most ones 'good'. Merry wasn't 'special needs'. She was pretty 'normal' for all of her 26 years.

And when 'loss' comes, God is there. More real than anything imaginable.I read a short Psalm; #111 this morning. In the margin, it says, "Psalms 111 - 116 are called hallelujah psalms. 'Hallelujah' means 'praise the Lord' They express uplifting and optimistic tones.

So this is another 'praise God' day! Like they all can be if we choose. God is always bigger than any problem or good thing which can happen to us. Looking ahead what does the future look like? I don't know but I know that He is there and will always be there!! He is worthy of our praises!