Today is Monday, February 17th, 2020; Karen's Korner #4151

A couple of random thoughts:

Etched on a restaurant door walking into a restaurant recently:

"Focus on the good; 
and the good gets even better."

Several weeks ago, I asked a single mom and her son out for lunch after church. She said yes! Our mutual friend said, "Did you know her 30th birthday is in a day or two?

No, I had no idea!

On Valentine's Day, I had an errand to run in a neighboring town. I needed to drop off an envelope with this gal. Why didn't we just do lunch?


As we ate, she said, "Did you know that today would have been my 50th anniversary?" Her marriage had ended more than a decade earlier.

No I had no idea!

Made me stop and think. If we ask God to direct our day, does He do things with, and through us, that we have no idea what we are doing? Nor why.

How many other things do we do all the time; with no idea the results? Probably all the time! 

Our job is to do. His job is to bless. Hard telling how many thoughts He gives to us. And what kind of results happen!

Thank You, God, that You show us, direct us, bless us! Thank You that You want to use us to do Your Will! Thank You for the gift of love and joy that we can give to others! Whether we know what happens next or not! Amen.