Today is Thursday, February 27th, 2020; Karen's Korner #4157

There are good people everywhere!
Sometimes listening to the news we wonder!

But it happened to our family again last weekend when my sister Jill traveled to Sacramento, California where she was doing some business consulting.

As she was checking in to her hotel in Vallejo, she began juggling all of her items:  carry-on suitcase, computer bag, small purse, coat, rental car keys, and a bag with sandwich and a drink. "I had to put everything down to get to my credit card," she said.

At about the same time, a busload of basketball players from a Christian high school were in line to check in as well. "They were in town for a state private school tournament," Jill said. "And were they tall! One young man I talked with was 18 and 7 feet 1 inch!"

When she got to her hotel room, she realized her computer bag wasn't with her. Back down to the lobby she went. "The hotel employees looked around," Jill said, "No bag. I looked too, going into the backrooms at the front of the hotel. No bag." Pretty vital to what she was doing in California, plus having a couple more items stuffed into the bag.

It was the next morning when her room phone rang. They had her valuable computer. "The nice high school kids had found my bag and given it to housekeeping for the night. It was locked in their secure area overnight!"

A number of years ago when Jim and I were in Passau, Germany waiting to board our cruise boat, Jim misplaced his billfold. Weeks later, it was returned to us through the U.S. Embassy. Everything was still in it; including U.S. currency and Euros.

And even more years earlier, our daughter Jamie, while in New York City left her purse in a cab. Something. Everything came back to her in a few days.
Good people. Everywhere. All around the world!