Today is Friday, May 22nd, 2020; Karen's Korner #4215

Yesterday was a major flower planting day for me, trying to be ready for upcoming rains.

As I set out some petunias, marigolds and snap dragons, I heeded the advice of a neighbor from a number of years:  cut them back. I always hate to do that and I didn't do it for all of them! Pull the bloom off the petunia. Give the two dozen snap dragons, a major hair cut; some were ready to  have a 'snap' bloom in the near future.

Why do that? We usually pick the showiest ones from the greenhouse? According to Alice Moss, "it makes the flowers branch out and become fuller and more beautiful' all summer.

Does a difficulty in our lives do the same thing? Things we don't like. Pruning. We don't like 'unwanted' cuts and pulled off 'blooms'. But does God have even greater plans forus?

John (writer) says in John 15:3 & 4 in part): "God has already tended you by pruning you back for greater strength and usefulness....:"

Thank You, God, that Your plans for each of us, don't always match we think or believe. Remind each of us how much You love us; how much You care for us.  Remind us, too, that You have big plans for each of us and that You never want do anything to hurt us. We are loved by You! Amen.