Today is Monday, July 20th, 2020; Karen's Korner #4256

On Friday night, July 3, a nearby lake was hosting fireworks. The display was to begin at 10 o'clock.

A friend and I drove there about 9:30. The parking lot on the west side of the park, north of the lake, has one entry and exit. We drove in anyway, hoping to find a parking space.

Seeing none, I turned around to drive out.

That is when I saw a young man beginning to gesture us a message that, indeed, we could park, if I would just give him a minute.

He straddled his motorcycle and moved it closer to another vehicle, giving me room to park my full-sized van.

He, a young Hispanic male, didn't have to be so kind to an older white female. Me.

In a world full of 'isms' today, at that moment I didn't see race or sex. Obviously he must not have either.

I was grateful for his kindness to us, as I pulled into our space, and as he waved over his shoulder and walked back to his group of family and friends.