Today is Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020; Karen's Korner #4257

"God is slow in getting angry, 
but when aroused, His power is incredible,
and He does not easily forgive.
He shows His power in the terrors of the cyclone
and the raging storms;
clouds are billowing dust beneath His feet."

~ Nahum 1:3 LAB


Bible Commentary: " God is slow to get angry, but when He is ready to punish, even the earth trembles. Often people avoid God because they see evildoers in the world and hypocrites in the church. They don't realize that because God is slow to anger, He gives His true followers time to share His love and truth with evildoers. But judgment will come.God will not allow sin to go unchecked forever. When people wonder why God doesn’t punish evil immediately, help them remember that if He did, none of us would be here. We can all be thankful that God gives people time to turn to Him."