Today is Tuesday, October 13th, 2020; Karen's Korner #4317

Joy Tillman, who is in her early 80s and lives in the community apartments in Clarion, called me to ask some advice. She had someone she wanted to thank.

A few days ago she took our public transit van to the local dollar store. Picked up a number of items in her yellow basket. When she got to the check out, she learned that the only way she could write a check was with an ID. "I offered to leave my things there and take the van back to my apartment to get my ID," Joy said.

A gal, next in line, who Joy believed was in her early 30s,. stepped up to offer to pay for Joy's items. "I wanted her name and address to be able to pay her back," she said. "She wouldn't let me nor did I see the register's receipt, so I don't even know what they total was."

Joy wanted me to brainstorm with her on ways she could thank this unknown stranger and let others know of the gal's kindness.

Together we thought of a few. One way is to feature the 'good deed' in today's Karen's Korner. Thus this writing.

Thanks, Joy, for sharing your story with me and with others. Our world could use a lot more of that kind of kindness! Wouldn't you agree?