Today is Monday, October 19th, 2020; Karen's Korner #4321

This was a Bible verse and commentary of another Karen's Korner - #2503 on February 6,2013.

"Where there is ignorance of God,
crime will run wild,
but what a wonderful thing it is 
for a nation to know 
and keep His law."

~ Proverbs 29:18 LAB


Bible Commentary:  "These proverbs were written under a monarchy. If the king was law-abiding, the people tended to follow suit. In a democracy, the people themselves are the leaders. When they turn to a standard higher than themselves and keep God's moral laws, the nation becomes strong. When everyone does whatever seems 'right in their own eyes' (Judges 17:6), the nation becomes weak and can no longer effectively protect its citizens. We should not be ashamed of our high moral standards - they make our country a better place."