Today is Friday, July 9th, 2021; Karen's Korner #4485

Several comments by Mother Teresa, taken from her "Heart of Joy".

If she could find joy working in India with homeless and terminally ill, so can we. She kept her focus on Jesus. So should we. We need to ask Him for His help to do that:

"We have been created to live in peace. Jesus became man to bring that good news to the poor. Being God, he became like us in every way except sin. And he proclaimed clearly that he had come to bring good news."

""Let us pray for one another. Let us pray that we may accomplish our life's mission, which is to be holy. Let us pray that we will be the love and kindness of God in today's world."

"This is a sign of the joy of loving God:  sharing that love with others."

"Bring Jesus wherever you go."