Today is Monday, July 12th, 2021; Karen's Korner #4486

Fear. We all experience it.

Either things happening to us today:  waiting for the medical report or hoping our money will cover our bills.

If we don't have something happening to us today, we dream stuff up. How will I handle the aging process? Will my children or grandchildren make good choices? What is happening to my world or our world?

Jesus disciples were out on their boat when the wind and waves came up. Jesus saw what they were up against and started to walk on the water toward them. They thought He must be a ghost.

"But He spoke to them at once, 'It's all right,' he said. "It is I! Don't be afraid.'" (Mark 6:50)

The Bible commentary on this verse says, "The disciples were afraid, but Jesus' presence calmed their fears. We all experience fear. Do we try to deal with it ourselves, or do we let Jesus deal with it? In times of fear and uncertainty, it is calming to know that Christ is always with us. To recognize his presence is the antidote to fear."