Today is Thursday, November 25th, 2021; Karen's Korner #4579

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thanks for your 'thankful' responses!
Part 2 of 2:

Deb - Good heath for myself and family. We are both employed. Property where my horses / dogs  can be a big part of our lives daily.
Joan - Sunrises and sunsets. Tasty wine. Freshly baked cookies. Lefse. Mashed potatoes with gravy. Christmas carols. Smiles. Laughter. A sharp knife. Friends, family. A comfy bed. A good book.  And YOU!
Belva - Thankful for the many blessings in my life. Sometimes I do not appreciate all the good. 

Dorothy -  I am thankful that I got moved to  an Assisted Living Facility before the Pandemic started!  I have a lovely apartment and have my own things. God is good. I am thankful that our daughter is still with us!  She had a bad case of Covid-19 that turned into Covid-Longhaul.  I can no longer drive so I am thankful my church friends have been giving me rides to church since we are out of lock down. I was able to go to church before by way of Zoom! I am thankful for Karen’s Korner which I have been receiving for a LONG time. 
Lyn - I am so thankful for family and friends and the memories we share.  After being sick for a few days, it’s great to feel better. I am grateful for living in a small community where you know your neighbors.
Jeanne - Our kids; grandchildren, great friends and our Church.
Brenda -  I am thankful for everything, big and small. Most of all Jesus and knowing him and his forgiveness and love.  My family near and far.  My kids in school (extra big thank you).  Our freedom. Happy memories and memories still to be made. The colors of fall, the clean crisp of winter,  the freshness of spring, and the lazy hazy days of summer. The roof over my head, heat and ac, a car that starts every time, my career and my husband’s, the guys who pick up my trash and recycling.  I’m thankful for seeing a big chunk of the world and to know how very blessed we are!

Something sent to me by Florine:

"Thankfulness breeds more thankfulness, and that leads to praise. Try a 'popcorn prayer' with others - everyone names something they're grateful for, without taking turns. People just say reasons they want to thank and praise God (for life! roses! notebooks! books! sleep! pillows!) and when it overlaps with someone else, it's just like popcorn bursting in erratic blasts. Allow your thanksgiving to pop out wildly! Savor gratitude like butter on the tip of your tongue."

~ Loretta Pehanich in 2022: A Book of Grace-Filled Days