Today is Thursday, September 8th, 2005; Karen's Korner #629

Earlier this week Jack Burt forwarded an email to me that triggered a couple of childhood memories of a Vacation Bible School which always make me laugh when I think of them or retell the story. Allow me to share them with you:
My friends and I were in the middle elementary school days and attended a church of less than 100 people on a given Sunday. That year in V.B.S., we were being taught about the 23rd Psalm. Teachers had made a large diorama of a hilly, grassy pastureland with trees and rivers. We had figures of animals and shepherds which we could move around to tell our story to others and to our parents at the closing program.
A classmate, Mary Louise Peterson, was supposed to move two dogs through the country side. Their names were Goodness and Mercy.
"surely, goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life......."  Psalms 23:6
She would move one dog -- Shirley (surely); dog #2 - goodness; and then look around for another dog........
The teacher would say, "No, not surely, but Goodness and Mercy."
And for the second, third or fourth time, she would move the dogs, first - Shirley; and then Goodness and be missing Mercy!
It made me laugh then, and it makes me chuckle as I type this today!
Same V.B.S.  This time we were at the V.B.S. program at the end of our week of learning and activities. The program was on Friday evening. My friends and I were seated in the front row waiting our turn.
I turned around and saw Mike Haugen, who was a year older than I was, in his little league baseball uniform. In those days, a uniform was the shirt, pants, leggings like the professionals wear (not tighter fiting like today, sort of baggy).
I can remember thinking, "Hmm, I don't remember anyone practicing a baseball portion in our program. I wonder what that will look like?"
So the program progressed. Mike got up and sang with the rest of us. Did his part.
The program got over and I asked Mike, "How did you happen to wear your baseball uniform tonight?"
His reply, "Mom, wasn't home. I was going through my drawers looking for something to wear and I couldn't find anything clean,  so I wore this!"