Today is Monday, September 12th, 2005; Karen's Korner #631

When my nearly 87-year-old mom finds a photo, clipping, saying, or writing that she thinks is good, fun, or funny, she has a tendency to share it with lots of people. I guess I didn't fall far from the tree!
"My Pastor" is a poem she mailed to me a couple weeks ago with a note penned at the bottom, "I have had a good time with this!":
My Pastor
My pastor has a special gift
when imparting gospel news
of approaching our Lord's teaching
from a modern point of view.
Writings that are centuries old
appear written yesterday
when he translates them into words
I can understand today.
I must, however, state complaint
of a problem that I see:
When my pastor gives his sermons
he directs them right at me.
His words cut to my very soul
so I glance at other folks.
Perhaps I'm on "Candid Camera",
this has got to be a joke.
But the church overflows with saints
who have paid their Christian dues,
while I wipe the sweat from my brow
and sink lower in my pew.
I'd almost bet my life on it
that the times when I'm not there,
my pastor rips his sermon up
and throws it in the air.
Then he signals for everyone
to come back another day.
Without me to inspire him
my pastor has nothing to say.
~~ J. Taylor Ludwig,
St. Louis, Missouri