Today is Monday, September 19th, 2005; Karen's Korner #636

Last week we got some photos of Daphne Maxon (now with the last name of Brindle) riding their new horse "Oreo" (amazingly the horse is black and white!). Daphne was a classmate of younger daughter, lived farther south of our farm home, and enjoyed horses and other animals when she was a kid growing up.
But she grew up, became a speech pathologist, moved near Seattle, Washington, got married, and is now mom to two kids. She became a "big city" girl. Or so I thought, until the last few months, when I see photos lik Daphne and Oreo, the Brindle family with their goats, or Daphne and husband Phil buying their new dog. When I saw the pictures of Daphne, smiling as she was riding her new horse, I thought, "Daphne didn't leave behind her rural roots and memories, she took them with her!"
And that is what I would like to think of us as Christians! When we die, we don't leave behind who we are and what we were like. We take that all with us. We simply relocate!
Think about that for people who you and I have loved and aren't here with us any longer! Think about that when you look down the road into your future! We don't change who we are. Like Daphne, we just change our addresses!!