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April 2014 Archives

Printable Issue 2782  Today is Tuesday, April 1st, 2014; Karen's Korner #2782

(Okay, here we go with my new computer. I can't send email groups from our computer; more work and learning to be done! I have been sending Karen's Korners from it as well as from our web site. I have moved all the addresses here, to be sent together. Hope it works! Please let me know if your email is garbled.)

Something from Sarah Young's "Jesus Calling:  Enjoying Peace in His Presence". I need to listen to what she/Jesus has to say in this one (tearing my hair with a computer with problems......):

"I am calling you!

to a life of constant communion with Me.

Basic training includes learning to live above your circumstances,

even when interacting on that cluttered plane of life.

You yearn for a simplified lifestyle,

so that your communication with Me can be uninterrupted.

But I challenge you to relinquish the fantasy of an uncluttered world.

Accept each day just as it comes, and find Me in the midst of it all.

"Talk with Me about every aspect of your day, including your feelings.

Remember that your ultimate goal is not to control or fix everything around you;

it is to keep communing with Me.

A successful day is one in which you have stayed in touch with Me,

even if many things remain undone at the end of the day.

Do not let your to-do list (written or mental) become an idol directing your life.

Instead, ask My Spirit to guide you moment by moment.

He will keep you close to Me."

Bible verses Young suggests reading:  I Thessalonians 5:17; Proverbs 1:6


Printable Issue 2783  Today is Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014; Karen's Korner #2783

(Looks like things went well yesterday! Here we go again; several things I have to do different know, so hang on......)

"Dear brothers,

honor the officers of your church who work hard among you

and warn you against all that is wrong.

Think highly of them and give them your wholehearted love,

because they are straining to help you.

And remember, no quarreling among yourselves."

~ I Thessalonians 5:12,13 LAB

Bible Commentary:  "Think of your pastor and other church leaders. How can you honor them? Express your appreciation; tell them how you have been helped by their leadership and teaching, and thank them for their ministry in your life. If you say nothing, how will they know where you stand? Remember, they need and deserve your support and love expressed in particular ways."


Thank You, God, for our church leaders. Forgive us when we are so fast to bring our troubles or criticisms to them; and not so fast to give them praise and appreciation. Help us! In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Printable Issue 2784  Today is Thursday, April 3rd, 2014; Karen's Korner #2784

We went to the movie last night. "God's Not Dead". Have you seen it?

The story line is a college student who is assigned the first-day work to simply write on a plain sheet of notebook paper "God is Dead". Class members all wrote the words down and handed them to the end of the row for collection by the instructor. All but one freshman did as instructed; the young man just couldn't do it because of his Christian faith.

The story ensued.

Near the end of the picture the college student and his friend wound up at a concert. Usually we are all told when we arrive at large groups of people, "Shut off your cell phone or mobile device". This time concert-goers were advised to turn ON their phones and text all their friends/addresses:


I don't have the phone capability, so here is your message for the day. Pass It on!


We are beginning a 'magic show' at our house. Part of it has to do with spring!

I have a small bag of dirt.

And a couple flower seeds in their packets.

Nothing magic there; they just sit!

But then comes my 'magic potion':  WATER!

Put the three things together and MAGIC begins!

Any of the three things isn't anything special but TOGETHER, it's magic!

Part of God's miracle plans for our world!


Printable Issue 2785  Today is Friday, April 4th, 2014; Karen's Korner #2785

The last few  week's a small group of gals has been attending a study group looking at the book "Lies Women Believe"; there are 40 of them.

I might email a couple of 'lies' in the next few weeks, but today's is a simple one. But it could 'work' for both men and women, anyone. It isn't for everyone, every day.........but some days. (When we haven't done enough; done too much; haven't prayed enough; haven't been as faithful; put ourselves first.......):


"Few would actually admit to believing this because, in our minds, we know we are supposed to believe that God does love us. But for many, there is a disconnection between what we know intellectually and what we feel to be true. We trust what we feel to be true, rather than what we know to be true.

At times our 'feelings' tell us 'Nobody loves me--not even God. He may love the world, He may love everyone else, but He doesn't really love me. If He did, I wouldn't feel so lonely and unloved.'

"The Truth is, God does love us. Whether or not we feel loved, regardless of what we have done or where we have come from. He loves us with infinite, incomprehensive love.

"God loves us--not because we have loved Him, not because we have asked Him to become His child a number of years ago, not because we seek to please Him, not because (you fill in your individual blanks)... He loves us--because He is love. His love for us is not based on our performances. We do not deserve His love and could never earn it."

A couple of Bible verses to maybe look at:  John15:13; Romans 5:8 & 8:32; Ephesians 1:4 -6; Psalms 21.


Printable Issue 2786  Today is Monday, April 7th, 2014; Karen's Korner #2786

How about a 'whole chapter' of the Bible today? (Don't worry:  it is only six verses!):

"Sing a new song to the Lord telling about his mighty deeds!

For he has won a mighty victory by his power and holiness.

He has announced this victory and revealed it to every nation

by fulfilling his promise to be kind to Israel.

The whole earth has seen God's salvation of his people.

That is why the earth breaks out in praise to God,

and sings for utter joy!

Sing your praises accompanied by music from the harp.

Let the cornets and trumpets shout!

Make a joyful symphony before the Lord, the King!

Let the sea in all its vastness roar with praise!

Let the earth and all those living on it shout,


~ Psalm 98

Bible Commentary:  This is a psalm of praise anticipating the coming of Jesus. Jesus came to save all men from their sins, and is coming again to judge the world. God is both perfectly loving and perfectly just. He is merciful when he punishes, and he overlooks no sin when he loves. Praise him for his promise to save us and to return again.


Printable Issue 2787  Today is Tuesday, April 8th, 2014; Karen's Korner #2787

How about a message this morning from Christian author Max Lucado?

 A Love That Never Fails

 A love that never fails! Hard to imagine, isn't it? Has human love ever failed you? I'm guessing your answer may be, "Yes it has---more times than I like to admit!" I Corinthians 13:8 promises that "love never fails!" Not God's kind of love anyway.

I sense you may be so thirsty for this type of love. Those who should have loved you, did not. Those who could have loved you, didn't. You were left at the hospital. Left at the altar. Left with an empty bed. Left with a broken heart. Left with your question, "Does anybody love me?"

Listen to heaven's answer:  God loves you---with a love that never fails. Personally. Powerfully. Passionately. God loves you with unfailing love!

And His love, if you'll let it, can fill you! Come thirsty, my friend, and drink deeply!


Printable Issue 2788  Today is Wednesday, April 9th, 2014; Karen's Korner #2788

Today seems like a good day to listen to the wisdom of Mother Teresa. While she passed away a number of years ago, her words will stand the test of time:

"Jesus gives me the opportunity to feed him by feeding those who are hungry,

to clothe him by clothing those who are naked,

to heal him by caring for those who are sick,

and to offer him shelter by housing those who are homeless and unwanted."


"The Cross will be for us, as it was for Christ:

proof of the greatest love."


"May the joy and love of the risen Jesus be always with you,

in you,

and among you,

so that we all become the true witnesses of his Father's love for the world:

'For God loved the world so much that he gave his Son.'"


Printable Issue 2789  Today is Thursday, April 10th, 2014; Karen's Korner #2789

"Jesus asked, "How can I describe the Kingdom of God?

What story shall I use to illustrate it?

It is like a mustard seed!

Though it is one of the smallest of seeds,

yet it grows to become one of the largest of plants,

with long branches where birds can build their nests and be sheltered."

~ Mark 4:30 - 32 LAB

Bible Commentary:  "Jesus used this parable to explain that although Christianity had very small beginnings, it would grow into a worldwide community of believers. When you feel alone in your stand for Christ, realize that God is building a worldwide kingdom. He has faithful followers in every part of the world, and your faith, no matter how small, can join with that of others to accomplish great things."


Printable Issue 2790  Today is Friday, April 11th, 2014; Karen's Korner #2790

Just for fun! Each OUR IOWA magazine has sayings printed, vertically on some of its pages. Here are a handful from the April/May edition:

"A goal is a dream with a deadline."


"Where we love is home--

home that our feet may leave,

but not our hearts."

~ Oliver Wendell Holmes


"Friendship is like a book.

It takes seconds to burn,

but it takes years to write."


"I named my dog 'Five Miles'

so I can tell people I walk 5 miles every day."


"Family is not an important thing.

It's everything."

~ Michael J. Fox


"It isn't necessary to blow out another's light

to let your light shine."


Printable Issue 2791  Today is Monday, April 14th, 2014; Karen's Korner #2791

Our church family, like many, spends a few minutes each Sunday worship service in a time of "prayers and praises". The bulletin carries a couple dozen names of people in our minds and hearts for which we are/have been praying. A name or two are added or dropped off from the lists weekly. Others are there for a number of weeks.

Darlene's and Misty's names have been there for multiple weeks.

Verbally we learned from Darlene's sister that she would be 'going home some time this week'. Darlene had a stroke several weeks ago and has been residing in the local care center. Her biggest disability from the stroke:  loss of speaking ability. Therapy is helping Darlene make big strides in recovering the number of words she can speak and for people's ability to understand her words.

What a praise!

Our minister's wife, Kara, took the podium for a couple of minutes, asking our congregation to pray with, and for, Misty White and her family. Her name has been on our list for months. Misty has cancer; not a good kind. Her family includes a husband, five children:  a son just out of high school, two daughters:  one in high school and another in middle school; plus fifth grade twins - a son and daughter.

Kara brought us the news that Misty has been moved to hospice. "It is days now rather than weeks," she said. Mom had told Kara, and she relayed the message to our congregation, "Take care of my babies." We prayed together as a congregation.

What is going to happen next for/with the family? We don't know......

But one thing we do know:  Misty is 'going home'.

What a praise!

Printable Issue 2792  Today is Tuesday, April 15th, 2014; Karen's Korner #2792

A daily devotional email sent recently by Max Lucado; perfect for the Easter season:


"God has penned a list of our faults. The list God has made, however, cannot be read. The words can't be deciphered. The mistakes are covered. The sins are hidden. Those at the top are hidden by His hand; those down the list are covered by His blood. Your sins are blotted out by Jesus. The Bible says that He has forgiven you all your sins. He has utterly wiped out the written evidence of broken commandments which always hung over our heads, and has completely annulled it by nailing it to the cross.

"He knew the source of those sins was you, and since He couldn't bear the thought of eternity without you, Jesus Himself chose the nails. The hand is the hand of God. The nail is the nail of God. And as the hands of Jesus opened for the nail, the doors of heaven opened for you!"


Printable Issue 2793  Today is Wednesday, April 16th, 2014; Karen's Korner #2793

Two times a year we spend a few days or weeks celebrating Jesus' birth and death. Which is great.

But we worship and celebrate an 'everyday' God all the other days and weeks of the year. Also great!

"Nothing is perfect except your words.

Oh, how I love them.

I think about them all day long.

They make me wiser than my enemies,

because they are my constant guide.

Yes, wiser than my teachers,

for I am ever thinking of your rules.

They make me even wiser than the aged.

I have refused to walk the paths of evil

for I will remain obedient to your Word.

No, I haven't turned away from what you taught me;

your words are sweeter than honey.

And since only your rules can give me wisdom and understanding,

no wonder I hate every false teaching."

~ Psalm 119:96-104 LAB


Bible Commentary:  "God's Word makes us wise---wiser than our enemies, wiser than any teachers who ignore it. True wisdom is not amassing knowledge, but applying knowledge in a life-changing way. Wisdom comes fro allowing what God teaches to make a difference in our lives."


Printable Issue 2794  Today is Thursday, April 17th, 2014; Karen's Korner #2794

Today's message from Sarah Young & her "Jesus Calling:  Enjoying Peace in His Presence", popular book or daily flip calendar. A message for each day; this is today's. (I have a ways to go!):

"I am training you in steadiness.

Too many things interrupt your awareness of Me.

I know that you live in a world of sight and sound,

but you must not be a slave to those stimuli.

Awareness of Me can continue in all circumstances,

no matter what happens.

This is steadiness I declare for you.

Don't let unexpected events throw you off course.

Rather, respond calmly and confidently,

remembering that I am with you.

As soon as something grabs your attention,

talk with Me about it.

Thus I share your joys and your problems,

I help you cope with whatever is before you.

This is how I live in you and work through you.

This is the way to Peace.

Bible verses included: 1) "He does not fear bad news, nor live in dread of what may happen. For he is settled in his mind that God will take care of him. - Psalm 112:7; 2) "Fear not, for I am with you. Do not be dismayed. I am your God. I will strengthen you; I will help you: I will uphold you with my victorious right hand. - Isaiah 41:10.


Printable Issue 2795  Today is Friday, April 18th, 2014; Karen's Korner #2795


It doesn't feel like anything 'good', but what Jesus did on Friday, produced EASTER SUNDAY, something unparalleled in the history of the world. He offers us hope; he lends us help; only He can give us eternal life with Him in Heaven.

This is a weekend to celebrate......on Maundy Thursday; Good Friday; Easter Sunday. It is an opportunity to take advantage of one, two, three......or more events and services at our local churches, within our communities. Don't have a service one of those times? Don't have a church family? Look in the media and be a guest:  the doors are open to everyone for celebration and worship! Why not invite or bring along a friend or neighbor as well?


A 5-verse song written by Philip P. Bliss (1875)

"Man of Sorrows! what a name for the Son of God, who came

ruined sinners to reclaim.

Hallelujah! What a Savior!"

"Bearing shame and scoffing rude, in my place condemned he stood,

sealed my pardon with his blood.

Hallelujah! What a Savior!"

"Guilty, vile, and helpless we; spotless Lamb of God was he;

full atonement can it be?

Hallelujah! What a Savior!"

"Lifted up was he to die; 'It is finished!' was his cry;

now in heaven exalted high.

Hallelujah! What a Savior!"

"When he comes, our glorious King, all his ransomed home to bring,

then anew this song we'll sing:

Hallelujah! What a Savior!"


Printable Issue 2796  Today is Monday, April 21st, 2014; Karen's Korner #2796

A day after Easter and the celebration continues.

Words from one of the songs we sang at worship yesterday:


By Robert Lowry, 1874

Low in the grave he lay, Jesus my Savior,

waiting the coming day, Jesus my Lord!

Up from the grave he arose, with a mighty triumph o'er his foes;

he arose a victor from the dark domain,

and he lives forever, with his saints to reign,

He arose! He arose! Hallelujah! Christ arose!

Vainly they watch his bed, Jesus my Savior;

vainly they seal the dead, Jesus my Lord!

Up from the grave he arose with a mighty triumph o'er his foes;

he arose a victor from the dark domain,

and he lives forever, with his saints to reign,

He arose! He arose! Hallelujah! Christ arose!

Death cannot keep its prey, Jesus my Savior;

he tore the bars away, Jesus my Lord!

Up from the grave he arose with a mighty triumph o'er his foes;

he arose a victor from the dark domain,

and he lives forever, with the saints to reign,

He arose! He arose! Hallelujah! Christ arose!


Almighty God, graciously behold this your family, for whom our Lord Jesus Christ was willing to be betrayed into the hands of sinners, and to suffer death upon the cross; who now lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit. One God, for ever and ever. Amen (From The Book of Common Prayer).

Printable Issue 2797  Today is Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014; Karen's Korner #2797

Last spring we planted a flowering crab tree about twenty feet from the southeast corner of our house. It was beautiful. We did all the things you are supposed to do to get it started:  watered it; fertilized it some; put stakes on two sides and tied it back to keep the winds from causing any damage. We made sure the tie-wires were wrapped to protect the branches from being rubbed.

But as the winter wore on, there was one thing we didn't do:  protect the base of the tree from rabbits and their gnawing teeth! Too late, we noticed it!

No way was the tree going to get the nutrients it needed. "We'll just pull it out and plant another one," said Jim.

But then there was yesterday! I noticed that it was beginning to bud and leaf! I don't know how!

One more thing to celebrate this spring:  new life and new birth. A miracle in the making!

Sometimes life and things around us look a little 'gnawed up'. In the middle of it all that, it's time to look for a miracle!


"Then Jesus uttered another loud cry, and dismissed His Spirit.

And the curtain in the Temple was split apart from top to bottom."

~ MARK 15:37, 38 LAB

Bible Commentary:   A heavy veil hung in front of the Temple room called the Holy of Holies, a place reserved by God for himself. Symbolically, the veil separated the holy God from sinful mankind. The room was entered only once a year, on the Day of Atonement, by the High Priest as he made a sacrifice to gain forgiveness for the sins of all the people. When Jesus died, the veil was split in two, showing that his death for our sins had opened up the way for us to approach our Holy God.


Printable Issue 2798  Today is Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014; Karen's Korner #2798

A 'Max Lucado' from earlier this week:


Why did Jesus live on the earth as long as He did? To take on our sins is one thing; to experience death, yes, but to put up with long roads and long days? Why did He do it? Because He wants you to trust Him. Even His final act on earth was intended to win your trust.

Mark 15:22 says, "They brought Jesus to the place called Golgotha where they offered Him wine mixed with myrrh, but He did not take it. Andy they crucified Him." Why? Why did He endure all this suffering--all these feelings? Because He knew you'd be weary, disturbed, and angry. He knew you'd be grief-stricken, and hungry, that you'd face pain.

A pauper knows better than to beg from another pauper. He knows he needs someone who's stronger than he is. Jesus' message from the Cross is this: ' I am that Person. Trust Me'.


Printable Issue 2799  Today is Thursday, April 24th, 2014; Karen's Korner #2799

This is something emailed to me earlier this week by a friend; it's one of those 'forwards', but a good one. (As I read the list of people who have ?? ........I couldn't help but think of 'bullying'.) Her note, "It was an appropriate time for me to get it!":

"Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you,

and pray for them which despitefully use you."

~ Matthew 5:44

"One of the most powerful prayers you can pray is a prayer for your enemies. When you think about the people who have used you, abused you, harassed you, and spoken evil of you, bless them. Pray for them. God knows that blessing your enemies is not easy and that you may not want to. Buy you don't do it because you feel like it; you do it because you are obedient to God's Word, and God will do great things in your life as a result.

"Don't let mean-spirited people bring you down to their level by tempting you to act like they act."


It makes me think of the nine-year-old boy in the news this week. Did you hear it? He was kidnapped by someone in the corner of his own yard. When he was in the back seat of his abductor's car, he started to sing a gospel song he had learned in church. He was told to knock it off; but he didn't. The abductor became more and more agitated until eventually the lad was kicked out of the car and was returned to his home!


Printable Issue 2800  Today is Friday, April 25th, 2014; Karen's Korner #2800

Another milestone:  Karen's Korner #2800, beginning in March 2003! Thanks for your input; your interest; your reading and, at times, responding to one/some.

A reminder:  all Karen's Korners are available by checking my Karen's Korner web site:  www.karens-korner.com . Should you know the approximate month: look under 'archives' on the left side of the page. Maybe you recall a word (i.e. Jonah, tree, sky, Martha); type that single word in the 'search' box, also on the left side of the page.

Sharing the words to a song rattling through my head this morning. It's an Easter song..........or any time song's lyrics: Written by Charles Wesley in 1739:


Christ the Lord is risen today, Alleluia! Earth and heaven in chorus say, Alleluia!

Raise your joys and triumphs high, Alleluia! Sing, ye heavens, and earth reply, Alleluia!

Love's redeeming work is done, Alleluia! Fought the fight, the battle won, Alleluia!

Death in vain forbids him rise, Alleluia! Christ has opened paradise, Alleluia!

Lives again our glorious King, Alleluia! Where, O death, is now thy sting? Alleluia!

Once he died our souls to save, Alleluia! Where's thy victory, boasting grave? Alleluia!

Soar we now where Christ has led, Alleluia! Following our exalted Head, Alleluia!

Made like him, like him we rise, Alleluia! Ours the cross, the cross, the grave, the skies. Alleluia!

Hail the Lord of earth and heaven, Alleluia! Praise to thee by both be given, Alleluia!

Thee we greet triumphant now, Alleluia! Hail the Resurrection, thou Alleluia!

King of glory, soul of bliss, Alleluia! Everlasting life is this, Alleluia!

Thee to know, thy power to prove, Alleluia! Thus to sing, and thus to love, Alleluia!


Printable Issue 2801  Today is Monday, April 28th, 2014; Karen's Korner #2801

Something written by Joel Osteen telling us to 'be joyful always'. It must work for him; his smile is like frozen on his face:


"For the joy of the Lord is your strength" - Nehemiah 8:10

In Psalms, David said, "I will bless the Lord at all times. His praise shall continually be in my mouth." At all times means in the good times as well as the tough times. The Bible tells us to stay full of joy no matter what we are facing.

The joy of the Lord is our source of strength and the enemy knows it. He knows that if he can get you down and discouraged, before long, you'll be weak and feeble and he'll be able to easily defeat you.

When you are full of joy and have a good attitude, you keep yourself strong. That positive attitude of faith paves the way for God to work miracles in your life--it paves the way for God to turn your situation around!

Decide today to have a good attitude Keep yourself full of His joy by meditating on the goodness and promises of God. Be full of the joy of the Lord! You'll soon experience supernatural strength and discover the victorious life God has planned for you!

PRAYER FOR TODAY:  Dear Father, thank You for filling my life with joy. Thank You that I am blessed and cannot be cursed. Thank You that in all things You cause me to triumph. Thank You for your strength within me that comes from that joy. I bless You today and rejoice in Your goodness. Amen.


Printable Issue 2802  Today is Tuesday, April 29th, 2014; Karen's Korner #2802

Our Sunday School lesson on Sunday had two topics; one of them was referring to God-esteem of us, rather than self-esteem. One class member who has a past history of working with youth, said that 'not knowing who we are for sure, is especially prevalent in middle school-agers'. He shared with the class a bookmark with a long list of "Who I am in Christ?" entries, under three headings.

No matter our ages, sometimes we need to be reminded 'who we are'. Today's Karen's Korner is the first heading, reminder, and Bible verse to back it up:

Who I am in Christ?

"The more you reaffirm your identity in Christ, the more your behavior will begin to reflect that identity." ~ Adapted from Victory Over Darkness by Neil Anderson


* I am a saint - Ephesians 1:1

* I am God's child - John 1:12

* I am Jesus' friend - John 15:15

* I am the apple of His eye - Zechariah 2:8

* I have direct access to God - Ephesians 2:18

* I am loved with an everlasting love - Jeremiah 31:3

* I have been adopted as God's child - Ephesians 1:5

* I have been made complete in Christ - Colossians 2:10

* God rejoices over me with singing - Zephaniah 3:16

* My sins are forgiven, my debts have been canceled - Colossians 1:14

* I am no longer in the darkness but a Child of the Light - Ephesians 5:8


Printable Issue 2803  Today is Wednesday, April 30th, 2014; Karen's Korner #2803

"Lord! Help! Godly men are fast changing.

Where in all the world can dependable men be found?

~ Psalm 12:1 LAB


Bible Commentary:  "Living for God in a deceitful world can be a difficult and lonely battle. At one time the great prophet Elijah felt so lonely he wanted to die. But God told him that there were 7,000 other faithful men (I Kings 19:4; 14; 18). We are never alone in our battle against evil. When we feel alone, we are to seek out other believers from whom we can gain strength and support."