Today is Friday, April 20th, 2007; Karen's Korner #1045

Mark Young, who was the pastor of the Church of Christ in Clarion for 19 years and who now ministers a congregation in Newton, emailed me this conversation of a member of his congregaton's daugther, Angie, and Angie's four-year-old son, Gavin. Cute!

G- Who is Grampie's dad?
A- His name was Ernest.
G- Why do you say 'was'?
A- Because he died.

G- I remember seeing him once.
A- No, he died a long time ago. I never even met him.
G- Who is Grammie's dad?
A- His name was
G- Why do you say 'was'?
A- Because he died a long time ago, too.
G- Did they die together?
A- No, they didn't know each other.
G- Who killed them?
A- Nobody. They got very sick and died.

G- I'm sick.
A- You just have a cough and runny nose. They were much sicker than that.
G- Did they go to heaven?
A- Yes.
G- Heaven is above the clouds, you know.
A- Yup.
G- How far is it to Heaven?
A- I don't know, pretty far, I guess.
G- Why do you guess?

A- I don't really know. A person can't just drive there, they have to die to get there.
G- How does the person get there?
A- They die.
G- No, how does a person GET there?
A- Their body doesn't go there, just their soul.
G- What is a soul?
A- It..... It's what....... It's your spirit.
G- Where is a person's soul at before they die?
A- In their body.
G- In their heart probably.
A- Probably.

G- Is God and Jesus in Heaven?
A- Yes.
G- Did Jesus make God?
A- No, God made Jesus.
G- Then who made God?
A- I don't know.
G- Why don't you know.
A- I just don't.
G- What kind of shirt did Jesus wear?
A- The kind that people used to wear when he was alive.

G- I am going to die someday and then I can go to Heaven.
A- Yup.

G- Can we get a penguin?