Today is Friday, June 1st, 2007; Karen's Korner #1075

Today is our daughter Merry's birthday; she would have been 34.

Today's Karen's Korner is in her honor and memory. Merry wasn't that much of a reader. She was like her mom, more of a 'do-er'. But she liked the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books and gave me a couple as gifts.

In the front of one, she has written, "To Mom: Merry Christmas 1995. Love, Ed and Merry". Probably won't show up at the gift and thrift shop or at a garage sale any time soon. I plan to keep it!


Soon after her brother was born, little Sachi began to ask her parents to leave her alone with the new baby. They worried that like most four-year-olds, she might feel jealous and want to hit or shake him, so they said no. But she showed no signs of jealousy. She treated the baby with kindness and her pleas to be left alone with him became more urgent. They decided to allow it.

Elated, she went into the baby's room and shut the door, but it opened a crack--enough for her curious parents to peek in and listen. They saw little Sachit walk quietly up to her baby brother, put her face close to his and say quietly, "Baby, tell me what God feels like. I'm starting to forget."

~ Dan Millman