Today is Monday, June 4th, 2007; Karen's Korner #1076

A couple of paragraphs from Joyce Meyer's "The Confident Woman". Joyce expands on Proverbs 31, telling about the 'truly good wife". While it talks about 'women', it could apply to the guys as well.
Verse 22, the last part: "her own clothing is beautifully make - a purple gown of pure linen."
Joyce says, "I am particularly fond of this verse because it tells me that our famous Proverbs woman had nice things herself. She lived a balanced life. She did a lot for others, but she also took time to minister to herself. Many people burn out because they don't take time to refresh themselves. We feel such a need to give and do for others that we ignore our own needs or worse, we feel guilty for even thinking about ourselves. We need to be ministered to spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Each one of these areas is important to God; He made them and He is interested in the well being of all of them, including our physical and emotional needs. Our confident woman made herself cushions, rugs, and clothing. Her clothes were made of the same cloth that the priests wore. In other words, she had really nice stuff. The best!
"Many people have the mistaken idea that Christianity means to do for everyone else but sacrifice everything in life you might personally enjoy. I don't believe this! We will certainly be called to times of sacrifice all throughout life and whatever God asks us to give up we should do so gladly. But we don't have to make it a contest to see just how much we can do without in this life in order to try to impress and please God. Jesus said, 'I came that they might have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full) till it overflows.' (John 10:10)
"This woman had nice things and the Bible says she made them for herself. If you are doing nothing for yourself, you need to find out what you enjoy and allow yourself the privilege of ministering to your own needs as well as everyone else's. Obviously, you should not spend money on yourself that you don't have or become excessive in doting on yourself. But giving very little attention, if any, to your own needs is not healthy, nor does it please God.
"I believe we feel more confident when we look our best and take good care of ourselves. You are worth being cared for and don't ever forget it. You have value and you should make an investment in yourself."