Today is Thursday, June 7th, 2007; Karen's Korner #1079

An email forward from Dorothy Riekents:
He Catches Our Tears in His Hands
There are seasons of life that yield so much pain that even
God's children might doubt He is there.
For the trial is long and they've shed many tears
while sobbing in the midst of their prayers.
Yet, God love us so much.......
even in our deep pain and He's listening to every word that we say.
He sees the heartache, knowing all we endure and every
unspoken prayer we migh pray.
He's so near to the broken hearts,
who carry such sorrow and His silence means He's letting us speak.
For He's still the God who listens.........
like a Father to His children every time that we earnestly seek.
And God knows there's a time for everything on earth
a time for mourning.....lament.....or great sorrow.
Just as sure as the day comes when the burdens is lifted
and His joy brings the sunrise tomorrow.
He treasures every time His children lift their faces
to the heavens for His gracious relief.
For His Spirit gives the comfort and courage to go on
when souls are tired from the load of their grief.
Despite any doubts we might have in our weakness
and struggles and all the miles where we don't understand,
Our Father is still listening as every teardrop falls and
He catches each one in His hands.
~~ Sheila Gosney
"You have seen me tossing and turning through the night.
You have collected all my tears and preserved them in your bottle!
You have recorded every one in your book."
~~~ Psalms 56:8
"Most Precious Lord Jesus; Gentle and Wonderful God, Truly Awesome and Ever-present Holy Spirit,
    Thank you for this tme of worship, prayer and mediation. Thank you for these moments where your love can infuse my life.
    I love you, Lord, I need your help this wek as I try to climb over the hills of my daily existence. My heart hurts from so many disappointments. My heart hurts from failings and attempts I have made that failed. My heart hurts from so many losses I have had to endure.
    Help me wrap my heart around you as I set here in my pain. Help me to embrace all you are. Help me to never be passive in any of the hurtful times of my life. Help me wrap the bandage of your love around my heart. Help me soothe my heartache with your overpowering love and grace.
    I thank you for your sacrifice for me on the Cross. Even when I may be in pain, during the coming days help me let your love and grace flow out from me to everyone I meet.
    All these things I humbly pray in the name of my most Blessed Lord Jesus Christ, my Mightly God, and my Ever-present Holy Spirit upon whom I can rly.