Today is Thursday, June 14th, 2007; Karen's Korner #1084

Several short thoughts to begin your day:
"Aim at heaven, and you get earth thrown in:
Aim at the earth and you get neither." 
~ C. S.Lewis
Sign outside of Clarion's Church of the Nazarene,
which caused readers to pause and to think: 
"God doesn't believe in atheists!"
Shared by Shirley Choat: 
"Even when you feel you have nothing left,
you still have prayer,
and that's enough."
"Souls of prayer are souls of great silence.
We cannot put ourselves directly in the presence of God
if we do not practice internal and external silence."
~ Mother Teresa
"No one can make you feel inferior
without your consent."
~ Eleanor Roosevelt
... and on FLAG DAY:
"You can't appreciate home till you've left it...
or Old Glory till you see it
hanging on a broomstick on the shanty
of a consul in a foreign town."
~ O. Henry