Today is Monday, June 18th, 2007; Karen's Korner #1086

A salute to fathers, one day late.
Shortly after our older daughter, Jamie, graduated from college she traveled to California to work with troubled teenaged girls. She was one of the 'house mothers' for six 14 - 18 year olds who needed an alternative place to live. Some were runaways or in trouble with the law. Some parents could no longer handle their children or their children had problems cutting themselves habitually.
I can recall Jamie telling that some of the girls were from the wrong side of the tracks but others were from the right side. Some were of low intelligence and abilities but others had high IQs. And the list continued. She said, "In evaluating girls like these, counselors could only come up with one common thread:  no fathers or positive male role models."
Dads are important to little girls; and children of all kinds and ages, regardless if the kids are biologically theirs or not!!
This is something that Bob Stephenson read to us at church yesterday:
"A father's presence gives his family security. He provides not only physical and emotional support to Mom and the kids, but guidance and leadership as well. Even a father who struggles with these things, or one who feels he's failed somehow, is better for his family than no father at all.
A father is his chld's first view of what God is like. If dad's around in everyday life, then it's easier for his children to understand God's daily presence."