Today is Wednesday, June 27th, 2007; Karen's Korner #1093

A exerpt from Joyce Meyer's book "The Confident Woman", in the chapter titled Becoming a Courageous Woman:
They All Voted to Die
"In the days of war a Japanese policeman who had absolute power said that within three days everyone in a certain Formosan mountain village were required to come to the police station and swear against Christianity or his hands and feet would be tied together, he would be weighed down with stones and thrown from the high bridge into the rushing river below.
"The Christians met at midnight to decide what to do. Some said, 'We'll have to give it up. We can't be Christians now. He will surely kill us.'
"Then a young boy stood up. 'But don't you remember that Jesus said not to be afraid of those who can only kill the body, but to be afraid of those who kill body and soul? If he kills us, it will only be our bodies. Our souls will go to be with Jesus.' They all said, 'That is true.' When the vote was taken, every hand was raised - all voted to die. The next day the policeman laughed cruelly, and said, 'Tomorrow you die.'
"Now the policeman liked to fish, and waded out into the river. A rock or tree in the current struck his leg and broke it. While the mountain people were praying, a messenger rushed in and said, 'The man who was to kill you tomorrow has been drowned in the river.
"Was it a coincidence? I don't think so. When the village people chose boldness over fear, their faith in God opened a door for His deliverance. It is just like God to drown the enemy in the same river he planned to drown them in. Satan's plans backfire on him when we keep moving in faith and confidence."