Today is Monday, July 30th, 2007; Karen's Korner #1116

Saturday, July 28 is an anniversary for our family; it was eight years ago that date that our daughter Merry was killed. So we take a brief walk down memory lane on that day.
Some friends gave us a book to write "Merry Memories" by family and friends, which people did and continue to do on a much less frequent basis than when she first died. People were to write memories, but it also turned into a scrapbook of sorts with a few clippings and photos as well.
One photo which a friend taped in the book is a Walford United Methodist Church float from the Amana Colonies' Maifest of 1998. The photo of 14 apron-clad float-riders had the theme "Jesus is the Bread Life"; with sub-titles of "Flour Power" and "Knead Christ?" All of them had bowls of bread dough and flour which they at times would toss toward parade watchers. Flour was smeared on most of their smiling faces!
Merry and her friends knew who the "Bread" is, where the "Power" source was, and that sometime in their lives they were going to "Knead Christ!" As do/will all of us.
The most amazing thing to me as that this life continues to change:  terrorists attack; soldiers might be wounded or killed; government leaders might be good or not; medical diagnosis may or may not be to our liking; family or friends might let us down, and the list goes on......
But Jesus and His Kingdom never changes! He always loves; always gives us His gifts of joy, peace, patience......; always imparts His grace, goodness, mercy.....  He never changes; and what He offers is always good and perfect.
Never a good time to cut ourselves off from "the Bread of Life" or from the "Knead of Christ!"