Today is Friday, November 2nd, 2007; Karen's Korner #1180

Our church friends' son, Nate and wife Libbey, were thrilled to learn their second child would be born on November 8th.
It was about month four of the pregnancy that doctors told them the baby would be special, and if left to carry it full term, the baby would likely live less than 12 hours.
Abortion was not an option for Nate and Libbey. She would carry the baby full term.
Little Eve was born last Wednesday, October 24.The earlier reports were confirmed. With some special surgeries and life support techniques, she lived for a full week and died week after her birth.
While the family mourns the loss, they are happy they chose what they believe God wanted them to do.
As Paul Harvey would say "the rest of the story" is that little Eve was an organ donor. The only part of her imperfection dealt with her head and brain; the rest of her little body was perfect.
Someone, or maybe several someones, are the thrilled recipients!
Makes me think of God and how He gave His Son's life for us. We take it, even though we have done nothing to deserve our 'new leases on life'.
What does God expect from us? He wants us to give our lives (or portions of it) to others.
If we give, we will get! And someone else gets what we gave; and then they give! God knew the gifts would go on and on!! Our job is to not break the chain.
What are you going to give to someone else today? It might not be your organs, but you have something that someone else is "dying" without!
Thank you, God, that Eve lived and died, so that we might learn from her and her family. God, we ask that you show us what we possess that we could share with someone with a need, which only we can supply. Help us to start a chain reaction of love and care which our world so badly needs.  Thank you for showing us the way when you gave us your son, Jesus, who gave us new lives, if we but accept it. When we do, we like, baby Eve, receive a life that lasts forever. Amen.