Today is Tuesday, November 13th, 2007; Karen's Korner #1187

Our M & Ms group along with our local VFW, did a fundraiser at our local pizza place for wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital last week. The project didn't take all of the M & Ms, but we were able to use eight people, who deserved to be thanked for their efforts.
Today I wrote out the post cards to those who helped with the fundraising work. Once I get them addressed, I like to put them in alphabetical order. It helps me when I grab the phone book and look up addresses.
Nola Waddingham helped; hers would be toward the bottom of the stack. But wait! She doesn't live in Clarion. She works for the Clarion Public Library. Instead of her being toward the bottom of the stack, she got moved up to the top near the A, B, Cs as I looked for the library's address.
My last name is Weld. I zoomed up the alphabet when I married Jim, from Z and Zirbel.
But who do I work for? Who does Nola work for? Jesus Christ! He and his name zips us from the bottom of the stack or near it, to the top of the pile.
Remember who you are in Christ; not last, not bottom, not an also-ran.
But First, Top, Winner, Victorious!
Matthew 19: 30: "....and some who are last now will be first then."
Thank You for all of Your promises to us, God!