Today is Friday, November 16th, 2007; Karen's Korner #1190

A few weeks ago Mark Young who served our church as its pastor for a number of years, forwarded me an email writing by his wife Audrey who is also a pastor.
Mark and Audrey had just returned from a vacation in Texas to visit kids and grandkids. Audrey penned her congregation about her fears that Jordan, now 8, but more so for Angel, age 4, now remembering her.
"We had a game we played when they lived near us in north Iowa," Audrey wrote. "She was only two. The family would usually be at our Clear Lake home already eating lunch by the time I returned from Sunday worship in Lake Mills.When they heard my car, the kids would hide from Grammie Audrey...but when I opened the door, it was always Angel who cam running with arms wide open callin my name. She was too excited to see me, to wait even though it was supposed to be a hide and seek game.
"When we stepped into the waiting area at the airport, I was looking down to watch my step in the stair and I heard Angel's voice. She came running with arms wide open. I told Mark that I got in that moment what I came to Texas for! The rest woudl be frosting on the cake!"
"Later, I couldn’t help but think of all the times I have opportunity to run with such joy and abandon to Jesus’ loving and waiting arms. Yet, I get up and go into my day, with just a passing prayer and short devotional.  I don’t always pause to get his full hug back; like my agenda is more important than his!  Duh on me!  I hope you are better at that than I am, because if you are like me, we are depriving ourselves from the greatest love there is."

"Jesus’ love, better than a grandparents’, is so loving, kind, generous, forgiving."