Today is Friday, November 30th, 2007; Karen's Korner #1200

Wow! Another milesone - 1200 korners! I call myself the editor, reporter, writer, and encourager (as I attempt to get others to try their hand at writing some thought or inspiration he/she might have).
Today's Karen's Korner is one of those written by my friend, Mary Tesdahl. This is the first year of Mary's retirement from teaching. A few weeks ago several couples got together to celebrate Mary's new status. One of the small gifts which Mary received was a book of sayings, thoughts, and prayers.
"Now this is your assignment," I jokingly said to Mary, "use one of these prayers and write a Karen's Korner!"
Not many days later, here came an email from the Tesdahls, with the subject line "homework". I couldn't believe it..her words made me laugh. I enjoyed what Mary had to say, as she covered what we had done as we ate together that night:
From Mary:
"We were sitting in a restaurant enjoying supper and fellowship with friends when we noticed a peace lily on the counter was totally wilted from lack of water.  At first we thought to just tell the 
employees, but then we thought we had the resources to solve the problem ourselves and poured a glass of our ice water onto the plant and went back to visiting.  Amazingly, it was not long before the plant began to revive. 
"How many times do we miss an opportunity to provide the kind word or deed or listening ear, that would revive another individual on their journey through life."
"There are so many ways I can be involved in Christian service, what I need most is a willing heart.  Help me never to lose sight of the fact that servanthood is beautiful in your sight and a blessing to others."
- Taken from 'Everyday Prayers by Rachel Quillin'