Today is Wednesday, January 21st, 2009; Karen's Korner #1493

A week or so ago I had the opportunity to talk with Bob Eilerts who lives in Eagle Grove. He is the dad of Aaron Eilerts, the 14-year-old Boy Scout who was killed tragically last June by a tornado at the Little Sioux Boy Scout Camp in western Iowa.
One of the questions Bob asked me, "Did you ever have a dream about Merry after she died?"
Yes, I had some dreams but none like Bob described:
"I drempt I was in Aaron's room looking for something in his closet," Bob said. "I looked over my shoulder and there was Aaron lying on his bed.
"I said to him, 'Hi, Buddy (dad's favorite nickname for his son)! What's up?'
"'Oh, nothing,' was Aaron's reply, "just laying her watching television.'
Aaron's next comment to his dad, "I'm okay, Dad!"
Bob said he next could recall his walking toward Aaron wanting to give him a hug.
Then he woke up.
"His 'okay' was so comforting to me, " Bob said. "I had this good feeling. I felt like he was telling me that he's fine and not to worry about him. That he is in a good place and that he's okay."
God doesn't do all of the same things to all of us. But He has a way of telling each of us what we need, just when we need it!
God is in control; Bob is okay.
As is Aaron!