Today is Friday, January 23rd, 2009; Karen's Korner #1495

At the end of the year, our church family saluted several of our "Senior Saints". Judy Ofstethun shared some thoughts about her dad with the group. She read something titled,
"Footprints of Discipleship"
Watch a small boy follow his dad through the snow.
He stretches to step where his dad stepped.
Not an easy task.
His small legs extend as far as they can
so his feet can fall in his father's prints.
The father, seeing what the son is doing,
smiles and begins taking shorter stpes,
so the son can follow.
It's a picture of discipleship.
In our faith we follow in someone's steps.
A parent, a teacher, a hero ---
none of us are the first to walk the trail.
All of us have somone we follow.
In our faith we leave footrprints to guide others.
A child, a friend, a recent convert.
None should be left to walk the trail alone.
It's the principle of discipleship.
Judy concluded her comments with, "Thanks, Dad, for being the great example and helping to make us who we are today."
With whom might you want to share the above writing?
Thank You, Jesus, for Your plan of parents, family members, friends who give us steps in which to follow. Thank You, too, that You are the Master Footprint-maker who makes the first set of footprints in which all of us are to step. Thanks for taking smaller steps sometimes so we don't get stuck or lost and for always being there for us, especially all the times we don't deserve Your Love and Your Attention. Amen.