Today is Thursday, May 14th, 2009; Karen's Korner #1550

This is graduation weekend for all three schools in our (Wright) county, as well as many others across the U.S.
It brings a memory of my own graduation years ago. I was walking with several of my friends from the school locker room to an athletic field behind our school. All of us were clad in our required one-piece seafoam green physical education short outfiits (anyone in school in the 1960s, remember P.E. outfits?). Our teacher was part of those walking with us.
I recall saying, "I know we are graduating in a few days, but I can't believe how much I still don't know!"
To which the teacher turned to me and said, "Congratulations! The beginning of wisdom is knowing how much is left to learn!"
A graduation story forwarded to me by Florine Swanson:
"A great evangelist tells the story of a young man who, upon graduating from college, asked his father to get him a new car. The day of graduation arrived and the father, a fervent Christian, handed him a brightly wrapped package.  As the young man opened it he imagined it was a small model of his new car only to find to his shock, it was a Bible. The young man was livid. He threw the Bible down and stomped out of the room.  He never spoke to his father again.
"Years later his mother sent for the son informing him that his father had died. After the father's funeral, the son was sitting in his parents' home when he noticed a Bible on the mantle. He recognized it to be the Bible his father had given him years before and the one he had angrily thrown to the floor.  As he paged through the Bible he leafed to the inside back cover.  There tucked tighly in the back of the Bible was a cashier's check, the amount for that new car. It was dated the day of his graduation from school.
"The words of Jesus come to mind:  'He who seeks only himself brings himself to ruin.'  The young man's greed got in the way of the gift his father was trying to give him.
"His father taught his son an important lesson - what matters most is God, and when you have Him, everything else is of secondary importance.  That young man spent years on the run, running away from his father who wanted him to come to know the Lord."
By:  Rev. Mgsr. Frank Chiodo