Today is Friday, May 15th, 2009; Karen's Korner #1570

Another writing by Max Lucado from his book "In the Grip of Grace":
God's Anger
God's Angry at Evil
"For many, this is a revelation. Some assume God is a harried high school principal, too busy monitoring the planets to notice us.
"He's not.
"Others assume he is a doting parent, blind to the evil of his children.
"Still others insist he loves us so much he cannot be angry at our evil.

"They don't understand that love is always angry at evil.
"Many don't understand God's anger because they confuse the wrath of God with the wrath of man. The two have little in common. Human anger is typically self-driven and prone to explosions of temper and violent deeds. We get ticked off because we've been overlooked, neglected, or cheated. This is the anger of man. It is not, however, the anger of God.
"God doesn't get angry because he doesn't get his way. He gets angry because disobedience always results in self-destruction. What kind of father sits by and watches his child hurt himself?"
God is angry at the evil that ruins his chldren.