Today is Monday, September 21st, 2009; Karen's Korner #1656

Some highlights from the "Let's Get Motivated" seminar held in Des Moines last Thursday. Quotes from several of the speakers:
"You can get anything you want,
if you help others get what they want."
"Putting your family first
will you give you home court advantage."
* Zig Ziglar
"Your past does not define you.
It is the actions which you make or take today which determine your present and future.
Get past your past."
* Tamara Lowe, co-founder of the LGM Seminars
Former drug dealer/addict with an eighth grade education.
"Always look ahead.
Every age has new phases, new dreams, and new opportunities."
"There is greatness in every generation. There is no greater generation
than the GIs who are now serving our country."
* General Colin Powell
"America has the gears of a changing democracy.
Popular or unpopular decisions, our country's leaders are decent men (women)
trying to do the best they can with the information and wisdom which
each one has."
* Laura Bush, former first lady
"You can do it!
You can win!
You can be successful!
What is your IT?
Call out what turns you on.
Then get into it!
Get acquainted with it!
Take charge of it.
Learn how to sweat and work.
Learn how to accept failures and setbacks.
And keep it simple.
* Terry Bradshaw, NFL Hall of Fame
Former quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers
"Cut the word 'impossible' out of your vocabulary and dictionary.
Replace it with 'possible'!
Dream a new dream;
rebirth an old dream.
All things are possible.
Believe it, dream it.
Tackle the impossible.
You can do it with God.
It is He who gives you that dream.
Together with God, you can make those dreams, realities!
* Dr. Robert Schuller