Today is Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009; Karen's Korner #1658

Jim and I had the privilege of sponsoring the gospel quartet "JOURNEY BOUND", as part of our community's Festival in the Park two-day celebration, in memory of our daughter Merry. They were enjoyed by all of us who attended.
Taken  from their CD "He'll Never Let You Go", song #8. I don't know who the writer of the song is:
"He's Still Waiting By The Well"
Jesus' feet were growing weary
as He journeyed on His way.
So He rested at a well side,
a comfort in the heat of day.
There He waited for a woman
black with sin and bound for hell.
When she arrived, He plainly told her,
"What you need is not in the well!"
And He's still waiting by the well.
And He's holding out His hand.
If you drink His living water,
you won't have to thirst again.
He's still waiting by the wellside,
knowing you'll be passing by.
So take advantage of the moment
He's not gone
He's still waiting by the well
Are you tired of being thirsty?
Even though you've had your fill
of the water the world gives
doesn't leave your longing still.
Well, there's good news about the wellside.
The woman's voice rings loud and clear.
She says, this man changed her forever,
if you need hope,
you can find it here.
Chorus again,
repeated two times.