Today is Friday, October 23rd, 2009; Karen's Korner #1680

We have two younger people in our area who are getting our attention and prayers; both are struggling with health issues.
Carol Brott, who I am guessing to be around 40, has some heart issues which have been a part of her life for a number of years. She had heart surgery in Des Moines two weeks ago. Because of the low heart function, recovery is slow, as doctors work to get her strong enough and stable enough to be a candidate for a heart transplant.
Every few days an email circulates around town telling of her slow, steady progress.
Several days ago the verbal report from one of her doctors was, "whatever the people in your community are doing, tell them to keep doing it......"
The other is a little boy: Zach Duncalf, whose dad is a Clarion graduate. The family now lives in the Des Moines area. Zach is nine and is struggling with luekema/lymphoma (not sure which, or if it is both). He currently has no hair; sometimes is in the hospital; sometimes is at home and school.
Somehow the younger people who are sick tug at our heart strings more than older ones.....
Grandma JoAnne told me the first part of the week that she was having a terrible time thinking about little Zach. She is on the road selling a health insurance, but was making no progress that particular day.
"I decided I was going to go to a church in the area where I was working just to pray," JoAnne said. As she pulled up to their denomination in this strange town, she noticed the parking lot had a number of cars. She was just hoping the door would be unlocked. "Maybe there is a bazaar here today," she thought as she got out of the car.
What she didn't know was that the church had organized a healing service and she was walking in to it, just a few minutes before it was to begin. "What's the chances of a church being half filled with people on a Tuesday morning, asking for prayers and healing?" she said.
Here she was praying for a needy grandson and being blessed by being part of the service.
Does God want to give us clues of His Care? And Blessing?
I think He does.
Are Carol and Zach out of the woods and well; not today! But they are being cared for by Our Heavenly Father, as are other family members.
Dear Father in Heaven, You are Power. You are Love. You are Healer. You are Caregiver. You are Love. You are Hope. You are Help. You are worthy of our worship and our praise. In Jesus' Name, Amen.