Today is Monday, June 28th, 2010; Karen's Korner #1851

Some thankful responses from Karen's Korner readers, as our area faces too much rain, too much water, too much damage from both!
How can God expect us to be 'always be thankful'? Does He know something we don't?
From Curtis Trulson:  "I haven't dealt with the water but over the last three years especially through seizures and brain suregery, the song I found the greatest was from Casting Crowns:  "Praise You in the Storm"  It talks about how God is WHO He IS no matter where we are.  God is so good that even when things look bad, we can always see through the storm."
Comments heard and shared by Sally Woodley:  "I was just talking to a friend.  On Wednesday with a wet basement and no electricity yet, she kept a doctor's appointment and got test results back - no cancer.  She told her husband,  'Yes, we're dealing with a lot of mess at home, but at least we're not having to schedule chemo or radiation treatments.'
Another comment I heard, 'No loss of life.'
Another, 'I may have water, but at least I still have walls.'"
From Mindy Sawyer (in part): "I have been pretty blessed to only have 2 - 3 inches of water in my basement.  Was I upset that the BRAND NEW CARPET & SUBFLOOR that I had just installed in my basement for my daycare biz was soaked through & through?  Yep.  BUT.... I was VERY thankful that my furnace, washer/dryer, hot water heater and furniture were spared!  I had the opportunity to have some of my clients that were less fortunate than myself get a hot shower, wash clothes if they needed to and enjoy the central air......
My heart is saddened as I watch my neighbor down the street suffer much more of a loss!
I'm thankful that my mom and dad watch over me, but I'm even MORE THANKFUL that my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ watches over me more!
"I can do all things through Him who gives me strength." - Philiippians 4:13"
A nice 'thankful' list from Tiffany Cramer: I am thankful that:

It happened (storm, too much rain) a little on Saturday
      so we had already started to move things around before the major water came in.
It happened Wednesday morning and not Thursday when no one was at home.
Dad had just fixed our carpet cleaner to suck up water.
That only things were lost.  Things can be replaced, people can not.
That we have the strength to clean up the small mess the water left behind.
That we still have clean water to drink, and can use the water for cleaning.
That we have screens on the windows to keep mosquitoes out.
That the electricity was out for less than a day.
That God is still in control.
I was able to sleep in a bed last night and not worry about my home being invaded or destroyed during the night.
I live in a country where I can pray and I can gather together with others freely to pray.
I have a car that I can trust to start if I need to head to higher ground.
I know my family is safe.
From Dorothy Balder (Albert Lea, Minnesota): "God works in mysteries ways  It's an old saying...Last Thursday evening our area was stricken by three cells of tornadoes. Many farmsteads were completely destroyed. One woman was killed, and her husband lies in a hospital in Rochester...Fields  of corn and beans were beaten into the ground...BUT God stepped in and rallied those who escaped the horror of that evening...there has been an outpouring of love, generousity and hard work that is unbelievable! The Holy Spirit has touched our hearts here.  Thank you Father."
From Alice Hiles:  "We were not promised a perfect life, just life in Him that fills us with HIS joy and peace.  I know it's hard to be thankful in the tough times, but because He lives, we can face tomorrow and the tomorrow after that! Through it all, God is with us all the way if we invite Him."
From Jacob Michael (missionary in Mozambique, Africa, who I am sure has seen more suffering and destruction than our loss from water and flooding):
"We must never forget that Father is with us in all our trials. Not just as a causal observer but suffering right along with us and He knows all our aches and pains. " 

"Phillipians 2:13: "For it is God who works in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure."