Today is Friday, September 10th, 2010; Karen's Korner #1905

A final thought/commentary from Ecclesiastes; written by Solomon who had it all and did it all; good and bad. But then wondered about the meaning of 'life'. He wrote down his thoughts in this short book in the Bible.
Here is his final conclusion:
"..fear God (stand in awe!) and obey his commandments,
for this is the entire duty of man.
For God will judge us for everything we do,
including every hidden thing,
good or bad.
~ Ecclesiastes 12:13,14
Bible Commentary (in part):
"In this writing, Solomon shows us that we should enjoy life,
but this does not exempt us from obeying God's commands.
We should search for purpose and meaning in life,
but they cannot be found in human endeavors.
We should acknowledge the evil, foolishness, and injustice in life,
yet maintain a positive attitude and strong faith in God.
To live properly, we need to:
* recognize that human effort apart from God is futile;
* put God first - nows;
* receive everything good as a gift from God;
* realize that God will judge both evil and good;
* know that God will judge the quality of every person's life.
How strange that people spend their lives striving for the very enjoyment
that God gives freely,
as a gift.