Today is Thursday, April 21st, 2011; Karen's Korner #2049

Our two-year-old, 14# dog Rocky walked more than four miles with my friend, Margaret and me a week ago Monday. By Wednesday, he was lethargic. Jim took him to our local vet who diagnosed him with a bleeding ulcer.
Nothing improved. By noon on Thursday, he couldn't walk without stumbling. Didn't want to eat or drink. Taking his prescribed medicine was out of the question. Rocky was so sick Jim dug a burial hole behind one of our farm buildings over the noon hour. But Jim called our vet for one last consultation.
Dr. Helgevold said, "Jim, I'd like for you to bring him over and give us a couple of days to see if we can make him well."
Jim decided to give the vet's solution one more try.
On Saturday, Rocky was better. Better still on Monday. Yesterday he came back home.
The clinic staff decided Rocky must have gotten into mouse/rat poison. To turn his fate around, Rocky was given first a blood transfusion from one of the Helgevold's dogs and then on Saturday, he got a second one from the other of their dogs. The extra blood gave Rocky a 'new lease on life'.
The vet clinic believes that Rocky should be restored to good health and an normal 'dog life'. He now has both terrier and roetweiller blood cursing through his veins.
What happened to Rocky makes me think of what Jesus did for all of us at this Easter season.
We are all in need of a transfusion. We are dying without His Blood. We will live by accepting His 'life-giving' source.
One big difference:  the dogs had to give a portion of their blood for Rocky. Jesus had to give His life so that we might live.
Chris Lousias said in a note responding to Rocky's (and our) situation, taken from Leviticus:  "Life is in the blood!  Sin takes away life so it was blood that was needed to give life."
Today might be a good day to tell Jesus that we could use His Blood so that we might live the life He has intended for us. We need his 'life source' as a transfusion.
Thank you, Jesus, for you life, death, and resurrection and for restoring us to new life!!