Today is Friday, April 29th, 2011; Karen's Korner #2054

Shirley Choat is someone who emails people a devotional writing most days. Yesterday she chose not to send one, but rather to compose a prayer for all the people in a number of states who have lost lives and/or homes/businesses. It has really been a lot of people experiencing a lot of loss and damage:
Almighty Father...God of ALL! 
I ask You to reach down and embrace those who
Have lost so much today in the storms that just keep going on and on in the South!
There are just no words I can think of that could give comfort...I feel a great
Loss and sorrow for those who have lost their lives and those who have lost everything
They have built over the years! 
Father, these people need Your loving mercy and grace
In a way they might never have thought before today!  Be with them, Father God and
See them through this nightmare of horrible proportions. So many have been effected
In one way or another by the past few days of the severe outbreak of storms. 
I ask
That You PLEASE be with each family, each community, each city, each life that
Has been and are being effected with such tragedy! You are most powerful and loving!
Show Your power of restoration, guidance and comfort as the survivors clean up and
Try to go on with their lives. 
I ask these things in the name of Your beloved Son, my
Savior and Friend, Jesus Christ.
Amen and AMEN.