Today is Saturday, April 30th, 2011; Karen's Korner #2055

(A Karen's Korner on Saturday to make up for none on Monday when I had computer difficulties!)
One week ago we celebrated Easter with Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection. But the story remains new every day of the year!
The first four books of the New Testament:  Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are each eyewitness accounts  of each of the four men listed, with details of Jesus' life as they recorded it. Some details are in all four writers' stories. Some are in several. Still others are in just one of the four.
Here are a couple of verses from Matthew, which only appear in his story. I know that I have had it in a Karen's Korner in the past, but it is such unbelievable news! It is near the end of the chapter, at the time of Jesus' death:
"Then Jesus shouted out again,
dismissed his spirit,
and died.
And look!
The curtain secluding the Holiest Place in the Temple
was split apart from top to bottom,
and the earth shook,
and rocks broke,
and tombs opened,
many godly men and women
who had died came back to life again.
After Jesus' resurrection,
they left the cemetery
and went into Jerusalem
and appeared to many people there."
~ Matthew 27;50 - 53
Bible Commentary:  Christ's death was accompanied by at least four miraculous events:  darkness; the splitting of the curtain in the Temple; an earthquake; and dead people rising from their tombs. Jesus' death, therefore, could not have gone unnoticed. Everyone knew something significant had happened.
The part I hadn't caught before was 'people coming back to life and walking back to town'! How could anyone not believe?
Not only did God love His Son and bring Him back to life, He loves each of us and doesn't want anything to happen to us as well. Is that love or what!?
Thank You, God, that You love us so much! Thank You that You make all things new! Thank You that You don't want even one hair on any of our heads damaged or destroyed! You are worthy of our worship and our praise!