Today is Wednesday, March 7th, 2012; Karen's Korner #2268

"And if God cares so wonderfully for flowers
that are here today and gone tomorrow,
won't He more surely care for you,
O men of little faith."
~ Matthew 6:30 LB
As Karen's Korner readers know, Jim and I have been gone.
We traveled to the southeast United States for the past ten days. We were going to leave on Sunday after church and Sunday School, heading for New Orleans. Then we were going to follow the gulf coast to northern Florida, before turning for home.
We began to watch the weather forecasts on the Weather Channel. What would our trip look like, weatherwise?
It was going to be nice in Louisiana for a couple of more days; then it would begin to rain on Tuesday and Wednesday. The days we would be there.
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday would be nice in New Orleans, the weather forecasters predicted. Just in time for us to move east.
Guess which direction the weather was going to more? East, and follow us for those next three or four days. That would mean a week of rainy weather!
But the sun was shining on Sunday and it was supposed to be nice on Monday. So I decided to not spoil what was coming, and enjoy the days as they came.
Guess what happened? No rain on Wednesday or Thursday in New Orleans. In fact, it was sunny and hot! We set temperature records for those dates, topping 83 degrees! (Our hot down there and your cold here in the midwest, helped to cause all of the tornadoes when the weather fronts collided.)
The nice days followed us on Thursday and Friday. We spent one rainy day on Saturday, when it really rained all day! Then we had nice weather on Sunday and Monday, concluding our trip home in the sunshine yesterday (Tuesday).
I sure was happy that I didn't spoil the days which were coming, thinking about what was ahead, based on forecasts.
I began to wonder how much of our lives (I know I do it!), thinking about what might be; what could be. And not enjoying the 'sunshine' which we have today!
And the 'rainy days' which do come along now and then, are do-able.......and, many times, don't last very long!
Dear Father in Heaven, thank You for Your love and care, every day! Thank You that You enjoy blessing us as Your Children. We know, too, that You give us one day at a time, so that we can enjoy, and live through, both the sunshine and the rain! Bless us again today, God; we bless Your Holy Name. Amen.