Today is Monday, March 26th, 2012; Karen's Korner #2281

Our family learned some good news on Saturday morning.
I called Jim's cousin's daughter and son-in-law in North Carolina. We had watched one of the NCAA basketball games with them last year when we traveled to that part of the United States, so I wanted to check out the North Carolina teams with Barb and Tom Zeiko's spin on the basketball tournament.
I also wanted to learn how Barb's health was coming. A number of months ago she was diagnosed with acute leukemia...bad one!
After a little bit of 'basketball talk', I learned that Barb was in the hospital.
"But we have some good news and she's getting better!" said Tom.
Several weeks ago, doctors had told her a bone marrow transplant would offer her a second chance to good health. So a match was sought. "There are ten points for someone to be a perfect match," said Tom, "and Tom (Clark, Barb's brother) was a match at all ten points!" Brother Tom traveled from his home in Michigan and gave his sister, her much needed 'not diseased' bone marrow.
"What she is going through right now is the side effects of the procedure," said Tom. "They had to kill off Barb's bone cells, for her to get the new, good ones. Because of that she was told to expect some problems with her immune system. Which happened. Now she is getting better. Right on schedule!"
Great news! A need! A match! Now a chance for a restored life!
Their story makes me think of all of us:  we have 'acute leukemia's; . death is imminent. But! Jesus has the blood cells we need! He is our perfect match! He wants to 'kill our bad cells' and give us His eternal, live giving 'good cells'. We need the procedure. Do we say 'yes'?
We know in the physical world, we would always say 'yes', but what about the spiritual world? Just as important, maybe more so. This one lasts forever!
Dear Jesus, thank You for the gift You have given to the Clark and Zeiko families. Thank You for the promise of the gift You present to each of us. Thank You for giving us life and life eternal. We accept Your life blood, as a 'cure' for our 'diseases'. We want Your Life, a Life that last forever. Thank You. Amen.