Today is Friday, June 8th, 2012; Karen's Korner #2334

Another  few thoughts taken from "Heart of Joy" perpetual calendar, written by Mother Teresa:
"Prayer unites us with Christ.
Simply open your hearts to him.
Also, simply accept what he sends you.
With a big smile,
generously give him what he asks of you.
God will do the rest,
never fear.
"As Christians,
we have been created for great things.
We have been created to be holy
since we have been created
in the image of God.
"May we all have hearts
over-flowing as a reflection of God's love.
God's love is what can save our families,
our country,
and the world.
"When suffering comes to us,
we should accept it with a smile,
because it is the greatest gift that God gives us.
It is a gift to have the courage to accept
everything that he sends us.